The Tourist

by Uprooted

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Our first release, back when we played under the name "End of December" and had no clue what we were doing. The only thing that's changed since then is our name, really.


released April 20, 2012

David Bryant - Guitar, piano, bass, production, lyrics, screwdrivers, quilts, wails
Scott Davenport - Guitar, bass, encouragement



all rights reserved


Uprooted Knoxville, Tennessee

No more lost at sea than we ever were on land.

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Track Name: Stars
When I look at all the stars at night,
I see the twinkle of your eyes,
and I think, "Wouldn't it be nice
you could be my sun?"
But I know that they're so far away.
You promised things would be okay.
Could tomorrow be the day
that you will be my sun?

I think that I love you, But
only if you do, too
We're shooting stars at the
Speed of light, and
I think that you love me, It
can be, just wait for me
you connect my lights into a

You're the north star when I've lost my way,
You promise me that things will be okay,
But that tomorrow will not be the day
That the sun will rise,
But I don't mind it here, alone at night,
Only one part of the Gemini,
Sharing secrets with the sky.

But the stars in the sky
Don't know your beauty in my eyes.

I know that I love you,
I don't care if you do, too,
let our hearts explode in the universe.
And I know I'm loved by you,
I just wish that that were true,
just don't leave me out under the stars,

Because if you leave me
out here under the stars,
you'll be leaving something,
you'll be leaving with my heart.
If you leave me
out here under the stars,
you'll be leaving something,
you'll be leaving us apart.
Track Name: Ghosts
So, that was how it all began.
We've no future, and we've got no plans.
You're just a glimmer in the sky-
That you'd remain, I would rely.

Now, you've no need for fear or dread,
Look only to what lies ahead.
We leave our trails of light behind,
I cross over your city lines

Knowing that your buildings, they reach the sky,
Avenues etched into my mind,
Streets haunted by frantic ghosts
To remind you of what you love the most.
They take you, they break your will,
They leave once they've had their fill,
But I'll get us out of here,
Hang on tight to me, my dear.

Were my intentions misread?
How much drier would you have me bled?
Towers crumble with each word you send
And this is how it all will end.

Don't you know, these outskirts are haunted, too?
By delusions of life with you,
But I know that you'll be safe-
It's not you they want today.
Track Name: Maps
If I should never wake,
Then would you even know?
I give, you only take
And then you leave me alone.

How did I come to lose you?
Do you fear me or do you fear the truth?
Don't let this silence break us apart.
See what's behind us, we can't stop here
If only you could stop changing gears
We could stop and see just how far we've come.

Did you only let me think
That this ever could have been?
If I should fall into the brink,
Will I see you again?

Illuminate the way ahead of us,
Please, don't snuff out all the lights
Because I'm lost, and you're my cartographer
Whatever you tell me is right
Without your maps to help me get out of here,
I don't know which way to turn.
Without your maps to steer me away from you,
There's no way that I'll ever learn.

I need you.

Just take my hand.
Come away,
No thoughts or plans.
Just you,
You here with me,
Let our hearts grow,
Our souls expand.)
Track Name: Tourist
I've been watching you this whole trip out the corner of my eye
I've been hoping that you'd notice so you'd know that I had tried
To get us out of our hometown, to get us somewhere new
But now I've come to realize that's not what you want to do
You only want to turn around and retread charted ground,
You only want to watch the stars and never hear a sound,
But with all the noise that's built up on the inside of your head
You'll never get to listen to all the things I should have said

And you'll never get to know that I did everything for you
And you'll never want to run away to somewhere bright and new
You'll only want to tell me every wrong turn that I've made
While I look out and wish our destination wouldn't always change
You always want me to point you towards some new thing to see
You've never time enough to stop and force your gaze on me
But still I hope our sightseeing will never reach an end
So I can remember postcards from all the places that we've been

Why are you looking?
Why can't you see?
Why keep on running
Away from me?
We've traveled so far
And all this to say
If you'll never want me,
Then send me away.

The sky, it never looked so bright as in the glimmer of your eyes
Your eyes, they never looked so dark as when they met with mine
Our minds, never so convoluted as when they intertwined
Your lies, never so sweet to hear as when you said you're fine.
Upon a shooting star I wished that you'd give everything to me,
But superstition never gave a glimpse of what our lives could be,
It never let us swerve out from between these fine white lines,
It never let me keep my gaze when your eyes met with mine.

It never let me save you from your own personal nightmares,
It never let you see that I was always waiting there,
To pull you out, to start anew, to change our ways for good,
But somehow I think I've always known that you never really would,
And that you'd never feel content to drive with windows all rolled down,
And that you'd never want to run away from our familiar old hometown,
And that you'd never want to speculate about what lies above
And that you'd never want to demonstrate your own undying love.

Why am I looking?
Why can't I see?
That you keep on running
Away from me?
We've traveled so far
And all this to say
You'll never want me,
So send me away.
Track Name: Passenger
You try to beat me, you try to deceive me,
You think I will fall when you vanish and leave me,
But I will not break, I will not break,
As long as I keep on running from you
Until I fall into the undertow.

White lines passing by, blurring into your eyes,
Peering outside with your cheek on the window.
So many stars and so many places,
How can I ever gain your fascination?
There are so many roads, so many lightyears,
Why won't you ever just leave me behind, here?
I've got my hands on the wheel, but you're the one driving
Amidst napkins and maps, with your smile, so contriving.

I look into your eyes, I look into the stars,
So many wishes rising up from my heart:
I wish you would see me, I wish you would need me,
I wish that you weren't always damaged completely.
I wish I could know you, I wish I could show you
Everything that you have always and will mean to me.

But you keep on crying and I keep on smiling,
We'll just sit here in silence, to speak would be lying.
So I will keep on fleeing While you keep on bleeding,
Both of us knowing that we'll never do a single thing.

Unless I steer us astray,
Run off of the road,
Take us the one place that you've never dared to go.
It'll be like a dream,
One where we both can fly.
For once you'll be happy when I look into your eyes.

But we'll both stay here, with our feet on the ground,
And to you I'm indebted, and I'm shackled, and bound, because
I love you.
Track Name: Departing
My love, you only think of where we are,
not where we could be,
and searching as I am, I can find no way
to make you see
that if you stay and see this through,
we could be happy in the end,
but now you've made me stop so you can
run away again.

But now I've come to realize that when I
had you by my side,
you'd been steering us around in one
big circle the whole ride.
And now I'm lost without you,
but I know I'll be okay,
because I know that you alone kept me from
finding my own way.

Turn away from this awful place,
it is your home no more.
You know I will wait, but only if you will say
I can stay forever yours.
So come with me and you will see
a galaxy of lights,
but of every one it is yours alone
that holds my heart tonight!

Because I hope that I love you,
this dark night it's just us two
Till the sun will rise and reawake our world.

I know that we can be,
With you, I can be free,
Your memory, a galaxy inside my heart.

And though you've left me
Out here under the stars,
In their light I've found you,
The shine that keeps me from the dark.

Now we're alone together,
Out here under the stars,
And I can leave you something:
I can leave you with my heart.