A Letter Back Home

from by Uprooted



To A Sad Seafarer's Maiden,
It's been weeks since I've seen your eyes. I've scoured the waves for some resemblance--the way they crest, the way they die--but the sea, you see, She hates men like me, the sort that leave a lover home, so the waves, the clouds, the creaking bow tell me I've left us both alone.

Can I break free of this siren's song? Will I turn 'round to find you waiting with eyes fixed far across the sea? Will this crashing, salty spray bring me back to you someday? But for all your lies, my briny eyes see at least adrift I'm free.

No, we're no more lost at sea
than we ever were on land
since you took me by the hand.

The captain says our faithful ship is something like my heart, but for all his age and wisdom, he doesn't see he's made a farce. The patchwork sails withstand ocean gales and never bend or break, but your winds, those sighs, your sparkling eyes have proved too much for me to take.

But my love, don't lose your hope. I know my heart will guide me home. With each setting sun, the waves look more like your eyes.

The men use weathered scars and calluses to mask their heavy hearts, then they talk of their sad maidens, of their own loves they've left apart. O'er grog and gin, they'll spill their sins until they start to drown by enduring that same loneliness you use to tie me down.

I could fill these pages end to end, to you they'd be blank all the same. I could send ten thousand postcards, and still I'd never know your gaze. I could set afloat one million notes, and never know your touch.
Without you, I'm all that I have, although I don't amount to much.

No, we're no more lost at sea
than we ever were on land
since you took me by the hand.

To A Sad Seafarer's Maiden,
Were you ever really mine at all? I've searched the stars for hope and answers, the way they gleam, the way they fall. I felt welcome there, in the cold night air, more than I ever did at home. Now the sails, the ropes, my ragged hope tell me for once I'm not alone.


from A Waterlogged Letter, released July 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Uprooted Knoxville, Tennessee

No more lost at sea than we ever were on land.

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